How To Revamp Your Home With Different Nautical Wall Paper Themes



There is no doubt at all that the nautical wallpaper is one of the most popular styles of wallpaper available today. Unfortunately, people still relate nautical themed wallpapers to white sailor caps, marinas and boat anchors. The style has evolved with time and now features more designs and styles. It can in fact give any designer wallpaper a run for its money. A dig into the theme will reveal three top styles anyone can consider for different rooms in his or her home.

The Living Room
Decorating the living room in a nautical theme is of course a piece of cake. But this often limits the room and comes off a little pushy. To some extent, it is as if you are trying to force your love for the theme to your guests who may not share your preference. But with the wide array of styles available, it is easy to think outside the box and come up with something that your guests will appreciate. Instead of the normal sailors and boats, who not go for tropical woven bamboo, leaf or blue and white damask patterns?

The Bathroom
Decorating the bathroom and other wet areas in a nautical theme is a common thing, so why not stand out. The new styles available today can allow you to reconsider the entire approach and introduce the theme to your bathroom without going back to old clichés. For example, the Brown Tropical Palm Trees design provides an intricate connection to the seas with a dark and appealing palm tree pattern. If you love pink, try the Pink Botanical Floral design. It is however much more suited to children’s bathrooms. This leads to the next point;

The Kid’s Room
While it may be tempting to consider animated themes for your kid’s room, there are many of these styles that will capture your child’s imagination while still maintain the simple yet mature décor of your home. Light Blue under the Sea is one such style. It is not the average fish themed wallpaper as it features lifelike illustrations that are modern and appealing. Then there is the teal Marina Wallpaper style. It boasts of colors that are light and subdued, making it easy to blend with the existing décor. This makes it easy for the theme to look playful and simple at the same time. Always remember that kids will always have a soft spot for bright colors. You must however be careful not to choose extremely bright wallpapers that may be too reflective when the lights are on.

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